Your Role as an SEO Reseller: Keeping the Customer Involved

When you become an SEO reseller, you may discover that some of your customers do not realize that a truly effective SEO strategy will require input from them. While you or the SEO company may be able to help and guide them, the person with the most valuable insights into the needs of their businesses will be your customers themselves. For this reason, it is not enough for them to simply pass the responsibility for their SEO strategy over to you, the SEO reseller, and expect impressive results to manifest.

The kind of SEO strategy that yields the results your customers would ideally like to see will require a certain amount of involvement on their part. Some business owners may wonder why this should be. After all, they are purchasing a service, should they not be able to leave it entirely in your hands? If they want their business to experience the full benefits of an SEO strategy, the answer must be an emphatic no. As the SEO reseller, you will have some knowledge of the kind of business your customer runs and SEO strategies that have proved effective for similar businesses. You will therefore be well placed to advise them on strategies that are likely to prove successful for their business as well as those that are best avoided. However, if they are prepared to become involved and work with their SEO reseller to discuss what they hope to achieve with their SEO strategy and to help with the selection of suitable keywords and phrases, then SEO is likely to yield greater rewards for them.

Part of your remit as an SEO reseller, therefore, is likely to involve explaining to customers why taking an active role in any SEO strategy that is implemented will be to their benefit and providing the guidance they need to do so. Although customers may be sceptical at first, as they see the results of their involvement in their own SEO strategy, they may realize the importance of working with you in your capacity as the SEO reseller and may be able to avoid some of the strategy undermining errors which some customers make.


Deciding to Resell SEO Professionally?

If you are considering a new career as someone whose job description is to resell SEO to others, there are several things to keep in mind before putting all of your eggs in this particular basket. First, be aware that many other talented people out there already resell SEO for a living, and the competition is fierce. Secondly, keep in mind that any plans you design when you resell SEO to others must be spotlessly ethical and legal in their methodology and execution alike, lest you and your clients both end up blacklisted from legitimate search engines everywhere.

Regarding the first point, do your research on what makes a successful plan before you resell SEO full time. Take a look at what others have done to create successful companies with stellar reputations in this field, and ask yourself what you can do to improve on their basic methodologies. Remember, you are going to have to be able to resell SEO aggressively and ethically if you are going to successfully compete with the existing professionals in your field.

Regarding the need to resell SEO ethically, this essentially means that you must be scrupulous in avoiding even the appearance of impropriety when it comes to any of your online promotional activities. This means using social media and email marketing as a useful resource instead of a tool for spammy mass messages, using only relevant keywords to describe the sites in question, and avoiding dirty tricks that are designed to fool indexing engines, among other things. If you have any questions regarding whether or not a particular tactic is considered kosher or not, it is best to avoid the idea altogether until you are certain of its acceptability. Keep these points in mind when you resell SEO, and you should be able to build the foundation of a successful, thriving business!