Reselling SEO for Fun and Profit

If you have decided to try your hand at reselling SEO services professionally, the industry is currently booming. Reselling SEO services might indeed be a great career choice for you, but you should know a few key points about the industry before hanging out your online shingle to announce your new profession. First, reselling SEO successfully requires a combination of ethics and tenacity in order to be successful. Spammers and other types who try reselling SEO services unethically are usually banned within hours from search engines worldwide, and ethical but lazy SEO resellers are unlikely to show their clients any results that would justify their continued patronage.

Your best bet is to set up shop reselling SEO as a white label or private label outfit. These terms refer to the aforementioned ethical SEO resellers above, so familiarize yourself with the best ways to market the websites you have been entrusted with in honest, above board ways. Once you have the techniques for reselling SEO down pat, be ruthless about getting the name of your client out there via as many venues as possible. Both you and your client need your prowess in reselling SEO to be strong, as the market for a good reseller is highly competitive nowadays. And again, find the best and most effectively ethical ways to go about reselling SEO before taking the money of any client. If you are unsure of what you are doing, it will likely show via less than stellar results.

Once you are confident in your ability to go about reselling SEO (known also as an SEO reseller) in an ethical and effective fashion, go ahead hand hang your online shingle out there for all to see. Be sure to mention past successes in the field prominently on your website, and show your potential clients exactly how you plan to promote their site for a given price before they sign on. In the business of reselling SEO, a little honesty goes a long way!


Why Not Sign Up for an SEO Reseller Program

Want to see an uptick in your revenue? Do you already have an IT business or some other business online that offers web based services? Are you just interested in starting some kind of business online and want to learn more about what SEO is all about? If you answered yes to all of these questions you can benefit by getting into an SEO reseller program. So, just what is an SEO reseller progam? For starters, the SEO reseller program is a great income opportunity. The SEO reseller program can even be your sole business venture.

An SEO reseller program is one you can sign up for with an search engine optimization firm and resell their SEO packages for them. The SEO reseller program involves selling your customers on the idea that they need to go through you to get search engine optimization done on their own websites so they can enjoy more traffic. Your customers will need to understand that the more their websites are optimized for the search engines, the more money they themselves can make. The SEO reseller program is all about helping your customers get more traffic and make more sales too. The SEO reseller program helps your customer, the SEO firm and you to all three make more money online.

You can do one type of SEO reseller program which is very much like being an affiliate for the SEO firm. This type of SEO reseller program is one in which the reseller makes a commission for connecting their clients with the SEO firm. The other type of SEO reseller program that is typically offered is the type called white label or private label SEO. With this second type, the SEO reseller program is one where the customer doesn’t know the third party, the SEO firm, is involved with doing the actual search engine optimization work. All the customer knows is that their website is being optimized by a professional company. They may even think the reseller is doing SEO for them. With a white label SEO reseller program, you the reseller, are the one who stays in contact with your client and answer any questions they may have. You will also be the one who bills your SEO reseller customers. You can really see additional income come your way by becoming an SEO reseller for one of the many successful SEO firms.