Sell, sell, sell

So many people who are new to the SEO reseller space miss the forest for the trees. Your little business reselling SEO is just like a million other small businesses – very vulnerable to failure. The reasons for this are that you have not yet figured out your sales and marketing process. Particularly at the beginning of a business, people tend to have overly optimistic views of how well things will sell. They will say to themselves, I will just sign up for this SEO reseller program and then start making money. Well, it doesn’t really work that way.

Selling is hard, no matter what your business is. In the search engine optimization space, competition is fierce. There are many players, some of whom are completely off-shore in countries where the cost of labor is really really low. This means they can under cut your prices dramatically. For these reasons, and the importance of selling, I always tell people starting out to join a high quality SEO reseller program.  This takes many of the burdens off your shoulders as you build your business. It allows you to focus on sales, and only sales. And this is your biggest challenge.


Blog posts for resellers

In my day-to-day internet browsing, I am always looking for posts related to SEO reseller topics. Today I found this post and thought I would share with my readers. It is a good little read and you should check it out. I always like posts where a balanced view of being an SEO reseller is presented. I also like when people talk openly about how competitive the SEO space is and the importance of transparency. We just don’t see enough of that in SEO. As you check out SEO reseller prorgrams, please let me know what posts you find most helpful so I can share them with other people and help educate the field.